Frequently Asked Questions

My subscription didn’t renew automatically! What should I do?

If you are currently subscribed to any plan, you will be automatically billed on your scheduled Gold deposit day. However, if for any reason your subscription renewal isn’t successful, you will be placed under a grace period.

During the grace period you will still preserve your current ongoing benefits, and will have 7 days to update your payment method. Note, however, that you will not receive your next monthly Gold reward during the grace period. Upon successfully updating your payment method, you will be immediately billed and will receive your monthly Gold reward. Also, your next scheduled Gold deposit/billing will continue to take into consideration your original subscription date (in other words, we pretend that you paid at the correct date all along).

If you are having problems paying for your subscription, we recommend that you first contact your bank/financial institution. If you are struggling to pay due to a problem on the website, please contact our Account Support team.

If you are unable to successfully update your payment method, your subscription will be automatically cancelled at the end of the grace period, and you will lose access to all your ongoing benefits. You will need to manually start a new subscription, which will have new scheduled Gold deposit/billing dates.