Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the benefits included with my subscription?

Your Gold Recharge Subscription include the following monthly benefits:

  • Nutaku Gold: immediately after subscribing and once per month, receive Nutaku Gold and bonus Free Gold. Gold amounts and Free Gold depend on the plan you are subscribed to.
  • Subscriber Badge: get access to your own subscriber badge, based on the plan you have subscribed to. You can showcase your badge on your profile pages.
  • Free Gold Codes: these gold codes allow you to purchase Gold Packages at a discounted price or to receive bonus gold on your purchases of Gold Packages.
  • Exclusive Contests: these are additional competitions and draws organized by Nutaku exclusive to subscribed members, greatly increasing your chances of winning. You have the chance to compete with other subscribers, showcasing your luck and/or skill, and get prizes such as games or packs full of Nutaku Gold.
  • Digital Goodies: every month receive exclusive digital gifts available only to subscribers, such as pc/mobile wallpapers, exclusive arts, short animations, among others. Gifts are decided on a month-by-month basis.

Nutaku Gold and badges are awarded immediately upon being billed. Other benefits are ongoing, being delivered throughout the month to your connected email account. We strongly recommend that you verify your email account to guarantee receiving your email rewards. You can also subscribe to our Push Notifications if you want to be notified whenever rewards are sent.

All subscription plans provide the same ongoing benefits.