Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gold Recharge Subscription program? What does “Beta” mean?

The Gold Recharge program is an optional paid subscription service that allows users to receive recurrent benefits.

Immediately upon registration and then once a month, you will be automatically billed and receive an amount of Nutaku Gold based on your subscription plan. This Gold amount is larger than comparable Gold Packages for the same price available in our Gold store. Additionally, you will also receive other ongoing benefits while you continue being subscribed, such as entry into exclusive contests and digital goodies (for a complete list, please refer to the Gold Recharge Subscription program page).

We are currently treating the Gold Recharge Subscription program as being on a “Beta” stage, as we are still working on additional features for it. We plan to release exciting new features in the near future, and will let our subscribed users know well in advance about them.