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Project QT Game

Publisher: Nutaku Publishing

Developer: xDNA

Summary of Game

Available on the android platform, this out of this world erotic adventure will take you to the future where a sub-dimensional gateway has gone haywire and allowed for a space virus to have found its way into our world. It is now up to the sexy team squad to put this virus down for good and save the world while looking ever so sexy doing it.

Key Features

Project QT will introduce you to a slew of cutie-pies who are ready to combine brains and beauty to fend off evil. Key game features include being able to evolve your monster girls using a unique rarity system that will see them wear less and less clothes the more you level them up, so you are definitely going to want to make sure you evolve them as much as possible.

Each of the 8 naughty heroines available come with 3 to 6 sexy videos(Hscenes) which are unlocked through upgrading their skill and loyalty levels. There is a fine balance to getting these beautiful babes stripped down and ready to please, this would involve using Gifts that you acquire to raise their skills, while also using Seduction Tools to keep them nice and loyal to you. When you do finally unlock those Hscenes you will be in control of tapping the screen to increase the level of pleasure each hot babe experiences, culminating in finally bringing them to total ecstasy.

You cannot allow this rift in the Arctic to bring an end to humanity, so your objective is to quarantine this infection as soon as possible while leaving time for some naughty adventures along the way. These sexy monster girls will lead you through a style of gameplay that mixes the best elements of turn-based combat with the best of puzzle game mechanics as well. This merge of concepts and systems will allow for you to take your team of up to 4 sensual monster girls into battle for supremacy and justice. The game features tons of sizzling outfits and over fifty animated Hscenes, so there is definitely a lot to work for and a lot of rewards. It is important to make the right decisions in battle, as one wrong move could spell the end for our heroic hotties, but the right one will bring you one step closer to containing the virus and also a lot closer to getting these naughty gals out of their clothes and ready for action. These busty beauties come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit your needs regardless of what your preference may be, so you can feel at ease saving the world while getting stimulated by this brave group of hentai gals.

These digital delights are prepared to bare it all while the fate of the galaxy is on the line, they will need you to step to the forefront of danger and assist them while showing their loyalty to you in rewarding gameplay that will have you excited right up to the very end.
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Game Information
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  • Release Date:
    December 31, 2037

News and Updates

2021/03/30 Ohanami with Violet in HOT Spring
We are excited to release the new type event - Ohanami with Violet in HOT Spring Event! Senpai is going to have an Ohanami trip with Violet, and what happen between them in the HOT Spring? Find out in "Ohanami with Violet in HOT Spring"!

Raise Violet's Intimacy and Pleasure Level to win tons of rewards and unlock her exclusive H-scenes & video. Please check the tutorial in event page for details.

Period: 30 Mar 05:00 ~ 11 Apr 05:00 EDT

TIPS: The higher the Intimacy Level is, the faster you progress to unlock all H-Scenes. Strongly recommend you upgrade the Intimacy as fast as possible!
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2021/03/22 Awakened Wind type girls are waiting for you, what are you still waiting for?
Don't miss the chance to awaken Wind type girls (Girls Only evolved to 5-stars can be awakened) and unlock their animated sex poses.

Wind Awaken Pack (75% off)
Available in Package Shop. Each user can purchase 4 times.

Period: 22 Mar 5:00 ~ 16 Apr 5:00 EDT
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2021/03/22 Revival : Grace Summon Event is now live!
1. Revival : Summon
Don't miss the chance to evolve Grace to 5★ and unlock her animated H-scene.

♥ Reminder ♥
After the event is over, Grace will NOT be added to Basic Summon, Secret Shop and Fragment Chests.

2. Summon Pack (65% off)
Available in Package Shop. Each user can purchase 3 times only.

3. Daily Login Reward Period (22 Mar 05:00 ~ 15 Apr 23:59 EDT, 25 Days Only)
Login every day during event period to get below rewards for free in mailbox!
- Event Summon Ticket x1
- Coins Summon Ticket x1
- Coins x3000

Period: 22 Mar 05:00 ~ 16 Apr 05:00 EDT
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