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Heavy Metal Babes Game

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Get ready to go on a wild adventure like you have never experienced before in the world of Heavy Metal Babes. When facing a crisis of epic proportions the Earth must go to drastic lengths to ensure that its colony X-69 is still functioning. Unlike the real Earth, X-69 is inhabited by creatures known as XEN units which are clones of genetically superior girls with the ability to synchronize with and take control of powerful robots.

Key Features

You have been chosen to take up the mantle of commander and to save this planet of buxom beauties. Along the way your ship will be attacked, but that only means that it is time to fight back. This sizzling turn-based RPG will give you endless hours of hot erotic fun as you seek to defend justice and reap the many sexy rewards that come along with it. Featuring 21 gorgeous girls and over 140 sex scenes you will have a sizzling sexy adventure of a unique kind each time you decide to play. You will be able to bolster your ranks by recruiting additional mouth-watering hotties into your ever-growing harem of hunnies. There is no need to limit your endeavors to just one naughty chick at a time, as you can definitely get it on with more than one XEN unit at a time. Be sure to make the right moves and you will be able to collect naughty photos to add to your collection as well. You will get to experience what it is like first-hand to travel through space with a ship filled with exotic dames all looking to get every last bit of your affection. Be sure to stay on top of your game, as seducing these stunning nymphos will be crucial to your overall success. The finest hentai scenes will serve as your reward for a job well done, some of these scenes are sure to blow your mind and have your heart racing faster than the speed of light. Heavy Metal Babes also gives you the chance to take on other players in a battle for intergalactic supremacy to show just who has the most powerful and sexy harem of girls around. Each XEN babe is equipped with powerful abilities, so it will be your job to bring out the best in them to successfully accomplish your mission and to make your wildest dreams come true. You will also be faced with a number of XEN Labs challenges that will put your skills and wit to the test with great rewards awaiting you right from the onset. Whether you like things sensual, kinky, or even downright dirty, there will definitely be content to make your most diverse of fantasies a reality. Your progress throughout the game may even lead you to a showdown with the evil Dark Goddess herself. The world of X-69 needs your help, the XEN chicks need a man of your caliber, it is clearly nothing short of a win-win situation when you step into the world of Heavy Metal Babes. ​

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