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If you have ever fantasized about running your own video-chat studio or even becoming the top of the food-chain and building an empire in this market, then this is the game for you. Fap CEO will take you through the many steps it takes to make it from the bottom to the top in this sizzling adult industry.

Key Features

You will get to review your employees, making sure that you select not only the sexiest but also the most skilled hotties for the task at hand. Choose your secretary and the cam-girls who are all eager to be a part of your brand of video-chat service. You will even get to decorate your office to suit the theme and vibe you want to exemplify for all potential candidates walking through your doors.

If the typical office setting is not to your liking, you will be able to progress to different new exotic locations that may fit more with your brand and personality. You will get a wide selection of models to choose from and many of whom are willing to get it on with the boss to show what kind of sexy skills they bring to the table. You will be rewarded with over 100 hot scenes that will have you wanting to advance through the game as fast as possible, while still savoring every stimulating moment. The possibilities and outcomes are limitless as there are over 200 naughty tales to tease and please your many senses. You will get the opportunity to hire different hot babes all the while getting to know their unique stories and unlocking awesome hentai content. As you make money, they make money and that means they will be very loyal and turned on by their boss. Eventually when you become and industry leader, you can look to sell your company for a huge profit and then move on to starting your next company, there's no reason the fun has to end. Your glamorous cam-girls will also come and go giving you the ability to have access to a huge number of talented females all willing to show their loyalty to their boss in every way possible.

There is nothing stopping you the player from collecting tons of sexy pictures from these girls and having your way with any or even all of them. You will want to engage with as many of your virtual girls as possible as you build your empire and become a video-chat mogul. If you don't get addicted to the gameplay, then you will surely get addicted to the stellar selection of sweet babes.

The possibilities and outcomes are endless and the action is always as sexy as can be when playing Fap CEO, so you can rest assured that you will be in for a wild ride. Whether you are into becoming the king of the webcam chat scene or simply want to use it as a front to get access to some smoking-hot ladies, this instant classic will have you stimulated in more way than one.
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