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Fap Titans Game

Publisher: Hooligapps

Developer: Hooligapps

Summary of Game

Fap Titans will take you on an epic adventure into a world of sexy scantily clad babes ready to do battle with a bevy of brutes and beasts. These busty hentai harlots will do everything in their power to save their world and take you on an exciting thrill ride with every second of increasingly frantic gameplay.

Key Features

This erotic RPG thriller will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement as you assemble a team of stunning beauties who have mastered many skills and arts that will be helpful in fending off a vast assortment of villains. These mouthwatering starlets are more than what meets the eye, as they come equipped with the skills to thrash mean monsters and put the bad guys in their place.

These curvy cuties are anything but your typical eye candy as they come in a wide variety of character classes and continue to gain experience and levels as the struggle between good and evil rages on. You will get an unprecedented opportunity to feast your eyes on these digital damsels of a wide variety who are able to kick some butt and look drop dead gorgeous doing it.

Each of these awesome anime hotties are designed with a one of a kind body type, eye color and hair style so your tastes will be satisfied. Don't get too attached though, as the more you progress through the game, the more gorgeous gals you will have the opportunity to unlock and recruit.

In the never ending struggle for power you are sure to be seduced by some of the naughty faeries and other sinister sisters looking to lead you down the path of darkness, but whether you stray from the path of light or continue to fight the good fight you will have a slew of lustful ladies on your side ready to throw down in the most sensual of ways. Killing baddies has never been more rewarding, as each kill will net you a significant amount of gold which can then be used to buy items like VIP levels, additional heroes and tickets. If you manage to defeat 10 monsters then you will get the chance to do battle with a dreaded boss, and with every bigger battle comes a bigger reward. But the biggest reward is the sheer pleasure you will get from the hours spent staring at these sizzling warriors. You can even assemble your own harem of hunnies by recruiting enough girls into your guild base, and you will also get access to a gallery where you can store a variety of pictures of an adult nature.

You will also get to play through a number of different quests which will set you on the path the victory and reward you for a successful outcome. If this seems like a lot of info to absorb, never fear, as there will be a gorgeous guide along for the ride to help you understand everything. The horniest heroines around will unite to stop the common threat of evil and you can have this ultimate experience all at your fingertips.
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