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Tokyo has fallen to an alien invader and
only a group of armed school girls can take it back!

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Welcome to the world of Shooting Girl, the online anime game where you must lead a team of guerrilla schoolgirls into battle against the robotic AI occupying Japan. Recruit, train, and equip your anime girls as you lead them in a perilous crusade to reclaim the lost wards of Tokyo. Each of your companions is as unique as the firearm she carries: from the icy sniper Reina Busujima to the rambunctious submachine gunner Mari Anpu. As the war progresses, you'll develop relationships with each of the girls you choose to include in your team, transforming your raw recruits into seasoned combat veterans.

Victory in Shooting Girl will require more than a just a squad of soldiers: you'll need to take advantage of weather, terrain, and insightful tactics to defeat an alien enemy with superior firepower. Equip your squad with specialized armor piercing ammo and choose girls trained to operate in specialized terrain: be it city, countryside, or suburbs. You'll also be required to develop your training academy to survive the rigors of war by building new facilities for wounded troops or aspiring leaders.

Shooting Girl is a free Japanese online game localized by Nutaku and now available for the first time in English. If you'd like to play more anime games online, check out the anime browser game section on Nutaku.com



Get up close and personal with the submachine gun girls. Whether wielding an UZI or MP5, these ferocious fighters can dodge and weave with the best of them, yet maintain a high enough rate of fire to suppress groups of enemies. Their stopping power is low, so avoid heavily armored foes.


Gun Girls such as the Scar-5 and Galil are the most versatile troops at your command. Accurate at range, they'll provide specialized support for your shotgunners and SMP, all while picking off enemies foolish enough to stray from cover.


The most effective close-range fighters in the game, Shotgun girls excel in urban environments and terrain where cover allows them to get up close and personal to the enemy. Ruthless and deadly, they can be equipped with flak jackets to help them survive an enemy counter-strike if any of the machines survive their initial barrage.


The unchallenged support specialists, LMG girls are selected both for their strength and ability to lay down a withering barrage of suppressing fire on groups of enemies.They're the solid, dependable sort girl - just don't get between their M60s and the robotic invaders.


The fastest and most agile of all gun girls! These quicksilver beauties rely upon speed and evasion rather than heavy armor, nimbly navigating difficult terrain to strike from where the enemy least expect them. Their personalities are as mercurial as their tactics, changing from shy and demure to aggressively competent in just moments.


The queens of the battlefield, Sniper girls are standoffish and reserved. Their heavy rifles are slow to set up but ideal for taking down the most thickly armored enemies, penetrating through layers of steel like a hot knife through butter. Use them to target heavy enemies at long range before they close to combat distance.

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