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Get ready to jump into the unpredictably hot world of SF Girls where things have never been more epic and erotic. After having lived in peace for so long these dynamic divas have now been put in jeopardy by a group of evil strangers who have come to take the precious Alpha stone. Now it is up to you to put together a task force of these sultry babes to combat the forces of evil and ultimately bring them to justice and restore order and balance to the world.

Key Features

This truly unique action RPG title will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as you encounter some of the most stunning digital sprites around and bring them together for a common cause. These sizzling starlets are clad in some of the most high-tech armor designed to keep them safe, but also to keep their most delicious parts on display for the viewers to admire. This quest will put you in direct interaction with seductive babes of all shapes and sizes. There is no doubt that no matter what your tastes and fantasies, you will find an alien agent to meet each and every one of your desires. As you move forward through the levels you will acquire many skill combos allowing your army of allies to become as deadly as they are sexy. You will even get the opportunity to customize your ship Waifu, to give it a more personal feel. You can even compete against other players if you decide that your skills are in need of a greater challenge. There is absolutely no limit to just how far you can go in this wild world of mischief and mayhem which allows you to evolve, upgrade, and even date these sensual hotties. You must at all-time be weary of the equally alluring evil bosses who will stop at nothing to thwart your efforts and put a stop to your sexual escapades. While these hentai hotties may have you turned on in their own way, you must be sure to not lose sight of your goal and saving the many breathtaking beauties on the side of good. You will have unprecedented access to over 35 unique girls and as you begin to date them you will be able to unlock their unique erotic scenes. As the story progresses, so will your challenges in this world where many mysterious twists and turns will come together to unravel a truly unique tale. If you are familiar with the tower defense style of action adventure games, you will have no issues adjusting to the unique gameplay offered up by SF Girls. The only question remaining is just how many of these horny hotties will you be able to seduce and just how far are you willing to go to fulfill your wildest fantasies and to save a hoard of damsels in distress. A world of sci-fi and fantasy awaits you as SF Girls Heroes Defense will have you fully immersed in a world of eroticism and adventure.

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