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  • Monthly Carnival Event 11/10/2020 09:56AM

    Monthly Carnival Event is now live! We are very excited that the most popular girl - Giselle, Mina, Violet and Luna are available for exchange in the Carnival Store! 1. Monthly Carnival - Get Carnival Tokens by completing various missions, then use Tokens to exchange for Giselle, Mina, Violet and Luna memory fragments and rich rewards. - Giselle Awaken Stone can be exchanged by Carnival Token. 2. Carnival Packs (75% off) Packs containing tons of Carnival Tokens are available in Package Shop. You can purchase each pack 4 times only. 3. Daily Login Reward Login every day during event period to get below rewards for free in mailbox! - Gems x50 - Carnival Token x800 - Coins Summon Ticket x1 - Coins x3000 Period: 10 Nov 05:00 ~ 22 Nov 05:00 EST ♥ Reminder ♥ - Carnival Tokens are available to exchange in Juliana Lucky Wheel - Your Carnival Tokens will be reset once the event is over. The tokens can't be saved for next event. - Monthly Carnival Event will be available every month. Giselle, Mina, Violet and Luna are available in Monthly Carnival only. They will NOT be added to Basic Summon, Secret Shop and Chests.

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