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  • New Event [Dawnbreak Combat] is live! 01/09/2020 01:21AM

    ■Maintenance contents 【Updates】 ・Union Event 【Dawnbreak Combat VS SERAPH PATIENCE】 ・New Raid quest「Fire Guardian of Insanity(RAGNAROK)」 ・Android version Apk updated: 1.13.1 ◆Improvements/ Changes ・Added the following in the shop「Holy Treasure Exchange」      - Labro Vomos Fire Treasure」      - Eidolon Phaleg ・Renewed the Help [Union Event] section ・The following enemies name has been changed:      - Cherubim No. 666 → Angelos      - Seraphim → Arche ・With the New Union Event few changes has been added:   Battle:     Demon Battle → Seraph Battle     Lilim Battle → Thrones Battle      *Enemy has been balanced   Rewards:    Holy Souls P → Special Soul P     *only the name has been changed    Holy Grail → Divine Ring   Empowerments:    Empowerments Effect derivate by the use of [Divine Rings] have been modified:    ・「ATK↑」:highly increased    ・「Burst Dmg↑」:not changed    ・「Double Attack Rate↑」:highly increased    ・「Triple Attack Rate↑」:highly increased    ・「Maximum HP↑」:highly increased    ・「Recovery Amount / Recovery Limit↑」:not changed    ・「Debuff Success Chance↑」:highly decreased    ・「Debuff RST↑」:highly increased    ・Minor bug fix

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