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  • New Epic Quests and more! 11/15/2019 02:48AM

    ■Maintenance contents 【Updates】 ◆Maintenance contents  ・Event Rematch [Advent Battle vs. Sphinx]  ・New Raid Quests added  ・New Epic Quests added    *Beginner and Standard difficults of the followings:    【Raging Fury of the Inferno Dragon】    【Wicked Emperor of the Abyss】    【Cursed Feathered Serpent】    【Lightning Clockwork Angel】    【Fallen Saint】    【Dark Knight's Slaughter】  ・[Epic Quest Exchange] added in the Shop page ◆Improvements/ Changes  ・Epic Material Exchange  ・Added on the [Holy Treasures Exchange]:    -Labro Vomos wind    -Bethor  ・The following weapon can now reach the final break limit:    -SSR Abu Ru Haul (light)  ・Help contents added:    -Quest > Epic Quests  ・Minor bug fix

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