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  • Free 10 chain Premium Gacha with the SUMMER KAMIPRO FESTA!! 08/09/2019 02:21AM

    Thank you for playing Kamihime Project. ---------- ■Maintenance contents 【Updates】  ・Rematch event [Crucible of Combat: Demon ENVY]  ・New Raid Quest  ・My Page new background 【Improvements/Changes】  ・Guild Combat Competition Ranking Scale adjusted  ・The following weapon can now reach the final break limit:    SSR Dazzling Gold Carbine (thunder)    SSR Sword of Victory (light)    SSR Hippocampus Staff (water)    SSR Flame Hammer Ra Rotacion (fire)  ・Added in Help the [Guild Combat Competition] explanation  ・Changed the Daily Quest(Standard、Expert):     - Weekday limited quest are now always available     - Increase the drop rates of treasures  ・Changed one daily mission contents:     before: Clear Daily Quests once     now: Clear a Daily Quest or Accessory Quest once  ・Changed the AP/BP cost for the Raid Quests:    - STANDARD     AP:15 → 10     BP no changed    - EXPERT     AP:25 → 15     BP:3 → 2    - ULTIMATE     AP:50 → 30     BP:5 → 3    - RAGNAROK     AP:70 → 50     BP no changed   ・Added in the Eidolon Orb shop the following items:    - Idea Regalia (Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Light, Dark)    - Idea Core (Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Light, Dark) ----------

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