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  • New Raid event and awesome new Kamihime added! 06/21/2019 03:01AM

    Thank you for playing Kamihime Project. ---------- Maintenance contents ---------- ■Updates ・New event [Desperate Grief] ■New Characters Added 【Kamihime】  SSR Lugh (light)  SR Belenus (light)  R Luchtaine (light) 【Weapon】  SSR Glitter Scale (light)  SR Bertheen & Walpurgis (light)  R Ventriro Quizum (light) 【Gacha with drop rates up】 ・New Characters Boosted Gacha (Rate: 20 times UP) ・Magic Jewels Gacha ■Improvements/changes ・minor bug fix ・The following weapon can now reach the final break limit:  Potnia Cross (wind)  Mystic Code of Hammurabi (light)  Scythe-gun Necro Joker (darkness)  Elat Anchor (water) ---------- We thank you for your kind and continued support.

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