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  • New Advent Battle 03/12/2019 02:46AM

    The [Advent Battle vs. Nandi] has begun! ---------- ◆Event Period (PDT) Until Mar. 19th, 20:00 ◆Advent Battle The cyclonic Nandi has come to bring destruction down upon the realm. Defeat the Ediolon to prevent disaster and collect blustery and bolt charched materials! These materials can be exchanged for special event items in the shop. Defeat this boss for chances at rare items! ◆Event Rewards [Eidolon] SSR Nandi (Light) [Weapons] SSR Cowhoney Cow Smash (Light) SR Scotoma Cow Launcher (Light) SR Caterpillar Saw (Light) SR Cross Horn Rod (Light) ◆Advent Battle Exclusive Material Exchange ・Materials acquired from the event quests can be exchanged for items in the event material shop. ---------- Defeat this rampaging enemy and collect all these spectacular rewards!

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