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  • Demon ENVY rematch 01/11/2019 02:10AM

    ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates: ◆New Feature  -Event: Demon ENVY rematch now open  -New Characters and Weapons added ------------------------------------- [Kamihime]  SSR Tishtrya (light)  SR Mithra (light) [Weapon]  SSR Star Lance Sirius Seirios (light)  SR Investment Coin (light) ------------------------------------- The following Kamihime can now be found in all gacha pool (except gem gacha) until Jan.31st(PST):  SSR [Eclipse Princess] Amaterasu (dark) The period for the following limited edition characters has ended:  SSR [Jade Horn Disciple] Nephthys (wind)  SR [Thunder Spirit] Nyarlathotep (thunder)  R [Holy Night Wind] Kamadeva (wind) ------------------------------------- ◆New Gacha Campaigns  -New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan. 17th [PST])   └[Drop rates increased by 20 times!!]  -Light element Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan. 15th [PST])  -Break Limit Materials Gacha (Until 20:00 Jan. 15th [PST]) ------------------------------------- ◆Other -The following weapon can now reach the final break limit:  SSR Jealous Hammer Rebel Punisher (dark)  SSR Dark Axe of Envy (dark)  -BGM & Background of My Page Renewed!  -Minor Bug fixed ----------

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