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  • New Year Raid Event & Campaigns 01/01/2019 01:42AM

    Happy New Year ---------- ◆Raid Event 『Swirling Desires of the New Year 's Eve』has begun! Tonight is the New Year 's Eve. The successor's party enjoys a sumptuous banquet to their fill. While dancing to their heart content for the coming New Year, something very odd was starting to erode Takamagahara... ---------- ◆New Characters from event. [Eidolon] SSR Iwanaga-Hime (flame) [Weapons]  SSR Shuttle Bubble Hammer (fire)  SR Izushi Long Spear (fire)  SR Ten Bundle Sword (fire)  SR Radiance Mirror (light)  release SR [Snow White Princess] Amaterasu! ---------- ◆New Year limited edition Characters from Gacha. [Kamihime]  SSR [Dancing Shrine Maiden] Nike (light)  SR [Swirling Cherry Blossom] Konohana-Sakuya (fire)  R [Black Lily Princess] Kushinada (dark) [Weapon]    SSR Onusa's Collapse (light)  SR Scarlet Flame Sakura Bow (fire)  R Curse Wand (dark) *Available until 20:00 1/31(PST) ---------- ◆Other Campaigns -Main Quest AP off -New Year Login Bonus -Grab Bags

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