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  • New Year Aphrodite!! 12/26/2018 02:49AM

    ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates: ◆New Feature  -Advent Battle Event『Rematch Revelry Advent Battles vs. Rahab』 is now open  -Event Mission  -New Limited Edition Characters and Weapons added ------------------------------------- [Kamihime]  SSR [Lovely Feather] Aphrodite (thunder) [Weapon]  SSR Heavy Lightning Hanamaki Demon (thunder) *Limited Edition Characters and Weapons are available until 20:00 1/31(PST) The following limited edition characters are no longer available in the Gacha:  Sonsaku [Sheren]  Chou'un [Sei]  [Apostle of Light] Satan  [Lightspeed] Hermod  [Guardian of Light] Perun ------------------------------------- ◆New Gacha Campaigns  -New Character Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Dec. 31st [PST])   └[Drop rates increased by 15 times!!]  -Exclusive Acala Gacha (Until 20:00 Dec. 28th [PST])  -Bonus Draconic Shards Gacha (Until 20:00 Dec. 31st [PST]) ------------------------------------- ◆2018 Countdown Login Bonus [Login period]  Dec. 26th 0:00 (PST) ~ Jan.10th 23:59(PST) ------------------------------------- ◆Other -The following weapon can now reach the final break limit:  SSR Rahab Knife (Water) -Orichalcon shop has been updated. -Acala can now ba awakened! -A special for the holidays: Raid Quest: AP/BP half off until (Dec. 31st)! -Minor Bug fix

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