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  • Koihime collaboration part2!! 11/21/2018 02:24AM

    ■Today's maintenance covers the following updates: ◆New Feature -Event Rematch: Koihime Collaboration part 2 「Princesses Profusion ☆ Advent Battle VS Houkei」 is now open -New Characters and Weapons added ------------------------------------- [Kamihime]  SSR Sonsaku [Sheren] (fire)  SR Chou'un [Sei] (thunder) [Weapon]  SSR Southern Sea King - Crismon (fire)  SR Dragon Fang (thunder) ------------------------------------- ◆Collaboration Part 2 Celebration Login Bonus  [Login period]  Nov. 21st 0:00 (PST)~ Nov.25th 23:59(PST) ------------------------------------- ◆New Gacha Campaigns  -New Characters Boosted Gacha (Until 20:00 Dec. 25th [PST])   └[Drop rates increased by over 15 times!]  -New Characters Boosted Magic Jewels Gacha (Until 20:00 Nov. 25th [PST])  -Accessory Gacha (Until 20:00 Nov. 25th 20:00(PST)) ◆Other  -Minor bug fixed

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