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  • New Event, Kaycee and Yuki! 05/14/2018 04:49AM

    Hi GoT gamers, hope you're enjoying the game! Congratulations to the last PvE Event winners. New girls awaits you, meet Kaycee and Yuki in this new event available right now! In this new version we're adding tons of new improvements and content. We've improved the Bonus Screen. Now, besides visualizing awesome sex scenes you will have the chance to purchase 10 cards of a random girl. Also we are happy to announce we have developed a Trade System. You can trade 1 girl per day (till a maximum of 200 cards) to receive Creds in exchange. Each category have their own value. Go to your girls profile to start trading them! Finally, we have added new items to the Shop, Charms! These items allow you to get important benefits like earning more Creds when you're opening chests or no more injuries FOREVER! Make sure you visit the shop to take benefit of all of them. Also you can see in your profile which ones are active in your account. We hope you enjoy this update! Please, let us know your feedback and ideas on Discord: https://discord.gg/ThK8Tn6 Thanks for playing! The Girls On Tanks team

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