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  • Easter Event! Eiko and Rose are ready for a new battle! 03/28/2018 08:38PM

    Hi GoT gamers, Easter Festivity is here! Time to enjoy with your girls in a special PvE Event where you can get a thematic Easter girl, Captain Eiko. Get Lieutenant Rose, boost your points, lighten your path to glory. Remember that you can get the booster girl by opening a Destroyer or Elite Chest and if you're lucky even on the 24h Gacha. A new PvP Season starts today! Now PvP battles cost badges. Badges have a short recovery time and also can be purchased from the shop for a small amount of Crystals. We've been working hard on improving Girls on Tanks. We've made a lot of UI improvements and we’ve added some new features. A new Daily Offer system has been added. Buy your favourites products with a 10-20% discount. All girls passives have been reviewed. Some of them have been modified in order to get a more balanced and fair gameplay. To celebrate the Easter festivity we are offering a Special Pack for a limited time! The Easter Pack will be available from 28th of March to the 3rd of April. This pack has a lot of currencies and a Commander chest with a very reduced price. Stay tuned to make sure you get it. Don't forget to visit our shop in order to see our Easter Sale. These offers will be available from Wednesday 28th to Tuesday 03rd April. (18.00 GMT) We hope you enjoy this update! Please, let us know your feedback and ideas on Discord: https://discord.gg/ThK8Tn6 Thanks for playing!

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