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  • Seaside Chocolate Festival - Valentine's Special Release 02/06/2019 01:13PM

    Hi all, Today maintenance update: - Seaside Chocolate Festival + New Priority Gacha (79) - The Prison Island's Call Phase 2 - Reissued (60) - Splendor Festival - Grande Fleur - Permanent (26) - Water Country is in Danger Phase 1 - Whale (20) - Valentine's Special Login Bonuses (09.02 - 16.02) - Valentine's Special Serial Code Hunt Serial Code Hunt Join the Serial Code Hunt and grab yourself a 6★ Exchange Ticket! Go through the game and collect the 16 letter + number combination puzzle pieces. Find all of them and you will be able to compose a full Serial Code that you can use to redeem the 6★ Exchange Ticket! You can find the puzzle pieces anywhere in the game, so keep an eye out for them, first come, first served basis! You can only redeem the code once. Good luck! FKG Pack: - Helenium's Adventure - Be a part of Helenium's life journey. Help her complete the new CSQ by achieving second evolution and show the desired affection for her (CSQ, 2nd Evolution, 2nd Affection) Upcoming Gachas: - Frozen Chocolate (07.02 - 12.02) - Ranunculaceae, My Crowfoot Family (09.02 - 10.02) Upcoming new Daily Deals! BUGs Fixed: - Various Character, Gacha and Whale Fixes - More will be fixed in the next maintenance - Almost every issue you wrote about it in the "Issue Reports" was passed down to our QA team to create tasks and make(force) devs to fix them :D Enjoy, Flower Knight Team

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