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  • Steamy Healing & Hot Trouble - New Special Event 01/23/2019 10:43AM

    Hi all, Today maintenance update: - Steamy Healing & Hot Trouble + New Priority Gacha - The Beloved Sleeping Flower Phase 2 - Reissued - Aim For The Top! - Permanent Upcoming Gachas: - Morning Steamy Healing Time (24.01 - 29.01) - Nutaku 4 Years (24.01 - 31.01) - Rosaceae, My Rose Family (26.01 - 27.01) Upcoming new DDSs! BUGs Fixed: - Updated Ability texts for Mountain Lily, Iberis, Lupine - Cactace (Bride) CSQ stage name - Office Survey button removed, Fixed description for Honor Medals, Aqua Shadow Fragments and Rainbow Medals - More will be fixed in the next maintenance - Almost every issue you wrote about it in the "Issue Reports" was passed down to our QA team to create tasks and make(force) devs to fix them :D Enjoy, Flower Knight Team

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