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  • Game Update! 09/15/2020 02:07AM

    The following changes were made today (2020-09-15): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New features General • Experiencepoint rewards in Dickstarter tasks and daily bonuses now scale with the character level. • Vouchers can now be filtered according to their type • The Multitasking feature has been expanded - you can now complete missions, take part in Conventions AND play in the Casino at the same time! • Vouchers now show the expiration day, on which they will be automatically redeemed on login. • The following successes were each extended by 10 levels: - Too Good to Be True - High Quality Production - Shopping Frenzy Maintenance General • By loading your character from the Solo Temple Ranking List, it was possible to attack your own Star. This error has been fixed. • During a Convention Temple it was possible that the game crashed if there were no Convention times available in the mobile version. This issue has been fixed. HTML5 • Popups in the studio chat were displayed behind the tab buttons. This issue has been fixed. • The emoticon selection has been displayed behind the tab buttons. This issue has been fixed. • When typing a longer message, the text now scrolls down accordingly. • In the HTML5 version, item and booster rewards from the Casino have not been displayed properly. This issue has been fixed. • Players could not be selected and attacked via the duel list. This issue has been fixed. Best regards, Your Big Bang Empire Team

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