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  • Game Update! 05/26/2020 02:26AM

    The following changes were made today (2020-05-26): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New features PvP Tournament • From now on, a cross-server PvP Tournament will take place every week! • Compete with movie stars from all over the world! • Collect points participating in duels. In case of a draw, the amount of fights won decide. • The best 3000 players receive experience points as reward. • The first PvP Tournament starts directly with the update and runs until Wednesday 19:00 UTC • The following PvP Tournaments will start every Wednesday 19:00 UTC and run until the following Wednesday 19:00 UTC. General • The best players in Conventions can now also win likes for the Streaming Feature. • In your browser, you can now activate notifications which inform you about new private messages in conversations, started events and studio attacks/defences. Maintenance HTML5 Version • Continuous text should now be displayed more clearly. • It was possible that text, which was entered into private messages, was entered into the team chat instead. This issue has been fixed. • Text could not be pasted. This issue has been fixed. General • It was possible, that the background in duels was not displayed correctly. This issue has been fixed. • Several minor bugs have been fixed. Best regards, Your Big Bang Empire Team

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