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  • Game Update! 11/05/2019 02:32AM

    The following changes were made today (05.11.2019): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New features Streaming - Replaces the work feature - Build a streaming empire with sexy performers in fancy poses like the Curious Puppy or the Proud Queen. - Shoot in themed settings like Dungeon or Jungle. - Collect money as before or earn Likes, which you can use to unlock new rooms or new poses for your actors. - New settings will be unlocked by fans, which are rewarded by movies. - We start with 3 poses for the 6 actors, 6 rooms and 6 sets. Maintenance General - It should now be clearer how many movie points are still needed to reach the next star in a film. - Fixed several spelling mistakes. - Several minor bugs have been fixed. Best regards your Big Bang Empire Team

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