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  • Game Update! 09/10/2019 02:08AM

    The following changes were deployed today (2019-09-10): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Features General • In the Windows and Steam versions of the game, you can now enjoy Big Bang Empire in full screen mode! • You’ll find the respective option to turn the full screen mode on in your game settings. The game remembers your last setting and, if activated, will start the game in full screen mode right away on the next start up. The size of the game screen will not be changed by the full screen mode. New items for future events and specials have been added: • We've added 5 new decorations, which can be obtained during special events. Maintenance General • Several typos have been corrected. • Several smaller issues have been fixed. Preview Our developers and designers are currently working on finalizing the rework or the work feature, as well as on the last fine tuning of the feature, which will allow you to write your own missions and share them with other movie stars. Since both new features contain quite sophisticated and complex changes, we can't give you a date for their implementation yet. To make up for that, we do have a new draft for the rework of the work feature for you, though. Enjoy! https://playata.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/bbe/streaming.jpg Best, Your Big Bang Empire Team

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