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  • Game Update! 08/20/2019 02:14AM

    The following changes were deployed today (2019-08-20): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Features General • Hot, Hotter, Hentai! On the Hentai movie set you now have the opportunity to get an exclusive "Hentai King" item set (for male characters) and "Hentai Queen" set (for female characters) item set. • During a temple competition that requires the completion of party missions, party tickets can now be found more frequently in missions. Maintenance General • Several typos have been corrected. • Smaller performance optimizations have been made in the mobile version. • Several smaller issues have been fixed. Preview You'd love to get creative and write some hot missions for yourself and share them with other Stars? Good news, everyone! Our developers and game designers are currently finalizing a new feature, that will allow you to do exactly that! Best, Your Big Bang Empire Team

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