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  • Game Update! 05/21/2019 02:43AM

    The following changes were deployed today (2019-05-21): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Features General • The Hot & Heavenly Surprise Box now also contains a devilish item set with a unique animation. • The collection "Just Heavenly?" has been expanded and now rewards you with an additional title. • For 6 formerly female exclusive items male versions have been added (Corset “Little Angel”, Corset “Archangel”, Corset “Angel”, Corset “Little Devil”, Corset “Lucifer”, Corset “Devil”). • Filter options have been added to the Sewing Machine. You can now filter by name, rarity and source ( event, career, other). • Collections got filter options as well. You can now filter by name (in items and collections), rarity of items and sources (event, career, other). • If a category (rarity, source, reward) is completely disregarded, no collections or items are displayed. Movies • The time until next energy will not be reset when a movie mission is started. • There will now always be a movie mission which can be completed with the energy you have left. • The movie button in the main menu now flashes when a movie shoot is active and there's enough energy to start a movie mission. New items for future events and specials have been added: • We've added 8 new items for female characters, which can be obtained during special events. • We've added 8 new items for male characters, which can be obtained during special events. Maintenance General • Several smaller issues have been fixed. Best, Your Big Bang Empire Team

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