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  • New Update! 08/07/2018 03:29AM

    The following changes were deployed today (2018-08-07): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Features General • Hotter than you can imagine: There's a new Fetish Surprise Box available in the Sex Shop, which contains one of 15 possible items that you haven't collected before. The items are part of three new fetish outfits themed "police", "nurse" and "doctor" that consist of 5 items each. • Refreshing Dickstarter tasks now also cause the reward to be refreshed. • The rank a film reached in the Big Bang Awards now will always be displayed in the film history. Before, it was only shown if the rank was within the top 500. New items for future events and specials have been added: • 4 new items and one new gadget for female characters have been added. • 4 new items and one new gadget for male characters have been added.

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