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  • Armor Blitz: Ragnarok Event Returns 07/31/2019 03:57PM

    Hello Generals, Ragnarok is back. Just as last year’s event went, you have the chance to gather Odin and Thor in this event. However, we are changing it up this time. Because last year’s event allowed you to earn the Odin for free while Thor was more of a premium unit, they will be reversed this time. That means you can get Thor by grinding daily and submitting resources into the Milestones bar. If you still want Odin, she is available in the same way that Thor was last year! Ragnarok While battling the Corruption on the event map, you will get Crystals, Shard, and Shells. Exchange these in various ways to get Emblems, 5*Artillery Tanks, upgrading Infantry, or resources. The Ragnarok event will end on August 21st. Make sure you grind hard! Odin is available through the Spear of Odin package. It will be available during the duration of the event. New Features: Player Level Mission (Prized Lieutenant) expanded to Lvl. 60. Ragnarok event is active. Karl-Gerat Thor and Odin are available to earn or purchase. This event will last until Aug. 21st. Bug Fixes: Fixed missing Live2D portraits on mobile devices Fixed the issue where leveling up past 50 in Portal of Chaos would cause an error.

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