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  • Armor Blitz: Freedom Day Event 06/26/2019 05:06PM

    Hello Generals, This month in Armor Blitz, we are bringing back the Freedom Day event, celebrating the American holiday of July 4th. We also made some small bug fixes that should improve quality of life. Freedom Day Event June 26th – July 17th Varilyn is back for more in this year’s Freedom Day (aka Rachel’s birthday! She is well known as one of the strongest defensive tanks. If you don’t have her already, definitely do your best to get her! Gather up Fireworks, Hats, and Balloons to set up for the greatest party ever. M551 Sheridan, Cherise is now available! Cherise is the latest addition to Armor Blitz. She’s a paradropping light tank carrying the powerful Anti-tank Missile ability! Make sure you don’t drop her too far in enemy lines, since she is still a fragile light tank! Her deployment advantage is best utilized as a late-game backup unit that can reach the front lines quickly. She’s available for the next two weeks in her First Deployment pack, or you can try to get her in Recruiting! Changes: New Features: Freedom Day Event is back to celebrate the American holiday of July 4th! Get the T29 Heavy Tank and lots of other rewards! Cherise, the M551 Sheridan Light Tank joins the battle. She is available in a First Deployment pack, as well as standard Recruiting Portal of Chaos Max Checkpoint increased to Stage #30 (Lv. 60 enemies). Getting this checkpoint will save you a lot of time and resources every cycle! US tank faction sale is up during the event. American 5-star tanks have a boosted chance to drop in Recruiting Bug Fixes: Removed the logo on versus loading screen that would cover character’s faces. Fixed camera jittering on 21:9 widescreen phones

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