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  • Armor Blitz: Easter Egg Hunt 04/10/2019 05:15PM

    Hello Generals! It has been a while since our last patch – sorry for the wait! We have teased the new tank previously, and she is now going into the patch: The Löwe heavy tank. The other teaser we showed on April 1st was the Ratte, but that was just an April Fools joke, as I hope you’ve all figured out by now. Sorry, no Ratte! The Löwe (Kristy) will be earnable through the Easter event, lasting from Apr 10th to May 1st. You can log in now and start finding Easter Eggs! Make sure to watch the intro story to discover how they were laid out upon Factoria. Since this is taking the place of the usual ANZAC event, you can earn Sonya the Hedgehog in this event along with Kristy the Lowe. Just check on the event milestones page in-game. Upcoming Schedule Keep an eye out for a limited package sale between Apr 18th – Apr 29th! Login between Apr 30th – May 6th for a Golden Week Login Bonus of 5 Candy every day you sign in! Level cap increase is being worked on! Patch notes New: Easter Event! Gather Bunny Ears, Pink Eggs, and Green Eggs to earn rewards like the new Lowe and last year’s Hedgehog! New Tank: Lowe, 5-star Heavy. Kristy is here to support your army with a powerful defense! She packs a group buffing aura that will be useful no matter the situation. Balances: Rush 5 ability initial cooldown reduced from 5s -> 1s Parry 4, 5 now reduces range by 50% so Black Prince can get closer to the enemy while using the move Aegis 5 initial cooldown reduced from 5s -> 1s Last Stand initial cooldown reduced from 5s -> 1s. Cooldown reduced from 120s -> 60s Bug Fixes: Fixed “Empty Platoon” button being pressable while the expedition was active

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