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  • Armor Blitz: Haunted Isles Return! 10/10/2018 04:51PM

    Hi Generals, Welcome back to another year of investigating the Haunted Isles. Edna and Minnie are safe and sound within the base, but when Halloween rolls around, they begin to get uneasy! Something about the Haunted Isles seems to draw their attention? When asking them what they would like from this year’s Halloween, you will discover what they really think about the Haunted Isle. The event will last until Oct. 31st at 1:00pm EDT. In addition to the event, we’ve made some balancing changes you can read up on below, and also added new skins for the Maus and Thor! Patch notes New Features: – Flammpanzer 38, Wendy is the newest addition to our flame tank roster! She’s a 5-star Tank Destroyer with huge damage and support potential. (Wholesome story, no lewd!) – Haunted Isles Halloween Event is active. Satan, Panzerwerfer, T-100, and the brand new Flammpanzer 38 are now available! Balances: – Fortress has +5 sec duration at all tiers – Last Stand is now reusable on 120 sec. cooldown – Enhanced Black Prince now has passive skill Suppress 5 – Retaliate skill (AMX-50) evasion increased from 15% -> 20%. Cooldown decreased 60 sec -> 45 sec

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