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  • Armor Blitz: Ragnarok Event 07/25/2018 07:32PM

    Hi Generals, RAGNAROK is here. The long-awaited arrival of our mighty Norse gods. Thor, the Goddess of Lightning and Odin, wielder of Gungnir are in need of aid. The coming of the Corruption is only the beginning of the greatly feared Ragnarok calamity. When Odin calls upon you to save her sisters and learn more about the growing threat, you can’t say no! You will need to collect Shards, Crystals, and Shells in order to find Odin through her trail of destruction. If you impress her enough, she’ll join your cause! Event: – Ragnarok Event! Earn the Odin by researching the source of corruption crystals, shards, and spent shells! – Hammer of Thor Pack is out, ending July 31st. Contains Thor, 250 Candies, and 100 Blueprints – Boosted drop rate for German units, including Thor for a limited time. (Ends Aug. 15th) New Features: – New Training Expedition (Epic) with Lvl. 60 enemies. These maps are rare and drop from Lvl 45+ invasions! – Pvt. Hans the RPG infantry is available in the new Epic Expeditions. When used in upgrading, he grants +1% XP Bonus to any unit. – “News From HQ” is accessible through main menu side bar – Tyrant turret introduced in Odin’s event – New “Boss description” text will be at bottom of the combat screen for unique bosses – T-70+ Enhancement available – Hellcat+ Enhancement available – Enhancers added to Cash Shop in the Packages tab Changes: – The “Daily Limit” on event shop exchange items is now changed to a cumulative limit. So if you don’t buy that stock on a certain day, it won’t disappear. – Armored Train’s aura buff changed from +50% Acc and MoveSpeed to -> +25% – Armored Train now has a longer range projectile with cone splash damage Bug Fixes: – Fixed Recycle Screen not initializing units from factory – Fixed display bug where Sherman Easy 8 would not show as enhanced in battle prep screen – Fixed bug where enhanced Sherman Easy 8 would not apply its passive skill – Sherman Easy 8+ will now show the enhanced model in the scouting screen if her enhanced skin is equipped – Dead unit colliders should be disabled now, so they shouldn’t absorb ability shells – Fixed bug where repairing units before battle does not always repair immediately

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